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The Heart of Service

by Gil Hedley, Ph.D., 163 pgs.

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The Heart of Service

OVERVIEW: The Heart of Service, (163 pages), explores issues around the topics of self mastery, service, and growing beyond the victim consciousness which we all express to some degree. It was originally written as a series of essays over the course of two very prolific months in 2005. It was written in "blog" form, online, where you can still read it if you don't mind scrolling backwards through pages and pages of text and then reading "up" from the beginning.

The book is very much a "prequel" to the subsequent volumes of Posts, but the style is different. The voice of this book is a tad more edgy and raw. As always, I was writng stream of consciousness with virtually no editing. I have changed almost nothing for this book to retain the lively tone, though I did correct spelling errors and other typographical issues for this book version. After leaving it fallow and hard to access for all these years, I decided to print it. I am very pleased with the result, if only for my own sake, since I Iearned a lot from re-reading it. It will be a very useful book for anyone looking for concrete steps and perspectives to move yourself further along a conscious path. Enjoy!

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