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Beyond the Leaving

by Gil Hedley, Ph.D., 86 pgs.

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Beyond the Leaving

OVERVIEW: Beyond the Leaving is a book of poetic free-verse which, like my first book, Reconceiving My Body, my DVD series, and my second book, Coming Into Form, comes straight from my heart. I hope that these words will find there way to your own. From the inside front flap of the hardbound book jacket: In this volume, the sometimes sweet, sometimes bitter experiences of life which follow upon coming into form are explored in verse freely. Much ground in the range of human experience is explored: ecstasy, agony, and the spaces in between. I dug deeply for these words, and discovered yet more buried treasure within myself, common ground to us all.

I am constantly surprised by the verses which I write. Ultimately I am speaking to myself, and I read along, learning from what manifests on the page. I discover layer upon layer over time, and then someone else comes along and finds yet another perspective which I had not seen, and I am delighted. I hope you will enjoy finding your own layers here as well.

From the notes, p. 5: This collection covers somewhat different ground than that explored in Coming Into Form. If that book was about the nature of embodiment and knowing Who I Am, this second volume of verse addresses the issues of living by heart, the challenges of transition, and the conviction that more life always comes along.

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